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Lawn Fertilization Services is crucial for more than just healthy-looking turf. By strengthening the root structure, it also aids in durability and water retention. Many don’t realize that fertilization also offers the added benefit of weed control. By making your grass healthy and thick, fertilizer helps prevent the growth of unwanted plants. Most weed seeds won’t penetrate the soil underneath a thick, healthy lawn; and those that do won’t be likely to receive the sunlight and water they need to germinate. By feeding the “good,” meaning the grass on your lawn, you effectively starve the “bad” (weeds).

Fertilizing a yard is a crucial part of lawn care maintenance. Without the required nutrients, the quality of the grass will be compromised. Additional nutritious elements help to build healthier, fuller and more aesthetically pleasing looking grass. Another benefit of fertilizer is the reduction of weeds. Weeds grow easier in yards that have splotchy grass than yards that are filled with strong vibrant grass.

Have you ever wondered what plants eat? Just like humans and animals, plants have to eat to for energy as well as consume vitamins and minerals to grow strong and healthy. Although the primary source of food for plants comes from carbon dioxide found in the air, they also need secondary nutrients provided by lawn fertilization.

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