Residential Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization services are crucial for more than just healthy looks turf. By strengthening the root structure, it also aids in durability and water retention. Many do not realize the fertilization also offers the added benefit of weed control by increasing the thickness and health of grass, any unwanted plant growth is prevented.

Why is Fertilization Important?

Have you ever wondered what plants eat? Just like humans, vitamins and
minerals are essential to healthy grass growth. Although the primary
source of nutrients for plants comes from carbon dioxide in the air,
they also require the supplementation provided by fertilization.

Fertilizing your lawn is a crucial step to its overall maintenance.
Without the required nutrients, the quality of your grass will be
compromised. The additional nutrients that fertilizer can supply helps
to build healthier, fuller and more luscious grass. The other added
benefit of fertilization is weed control. Weeds grow easier in yards
that have patchy grass growth. Most weed seeds do not penetrate the
soil underneath thick and healthy grass. However, if by chance they
do, it is unlikely that they will receive enough nutrients (i.e.
sunlight and water) thus by “feeding” the grass you can effectively
“starve” the weeds of nutrients and the room to grow!

Seasons 360 Lawn Fertilization Services

At Seasons 360 we can provide efficient and through lawn fertilization
services that can improve the overall health and beauty of your lawn.
Our services can provide you with:

  • Quality Fertilizer
  • Custom Packages
  • One-Time Hassle-Free Visit
  • Color Enhancers
  • No Fertilizer Burn
  • Micro-nutrient Treatments
  • Enhanced Microbe Treatments

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