Residential Lawn Care

At Seasons 360, our mission is simple: to give our customers back their time so that they can enjoy their life-and their lawn. Our weekly lawn care services include professional mowing, trimming and blowing off all hard services.

Seasons 360's Residential Lawn Care Services in Edmonton

Lawn care services services seem simple, however, when not properly done it can set your lawn up for failure resulting in unhealthy brown grass. Proper lawn care is one of the most important practices in maintaining a healthy luscious lawn. Seasons 360 follows correct cutting practices, and guarantees healthy, drought-tolerant, thicker grass that will crowd out weeds. Today’s scientific approach to residential lawn care requires knowledge and understanding of grass structure to ensure the maximums benefits to your lawn.

We pay attention to mowing at the correct height and never remove more than one third of the total grass blade with each cutting. Understanding the type of grass you have, recommended mowing heights and proper mowing practices are just a few of the skills our professionals will bring to each cut! Our team also follows a specified residential lawn care schedule so you will always know when to expect us. After we service your lawn, you can enjoy the lush and beautiful grass with all your friends and family!

What to Expect from Seasons 360's Lawn Care?

When you hire Seasons 360 to take care of your lawn care needs, you are hiring a team of reliable professionals. We strive to be leaders in the lawn care industry in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our service can be customized to your needs and can include the following:

  • Weekly Lawn Care
  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Dethatching
  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control

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