Residential Spring Cleanup

Our trained professionals know how to care for your lawn. With years of experience, we can keep your residential landscape lush and green year-round. Let our team handle the hard work that is required with lawn maintenance. This way you can just enjoy your beautiful yard!

Refresh Your Yards: Top Spring Clean up Services in Edmonton

After winter, yards often end up looking messy with a lot of leaves, branches, and worn-out stuff lying around. Spring clean-up is the secret ingredient to unlock your yard’s full potential. It removes winter debris, aerates the soil, and sets the stage for a flourishing garden. 

Neglecting a proper spring cleanup can lead to a host of issues. Seasons 360 takes center stage at this point. Our top-tier Spring Cleanup Services in Edmonton are meticulously designed to address the aftermath of winter head-on.   

Our proficient team understands the unique needs of Edmonton’s climate and is equipped to handle the most demanding cleanup tasks. We go beyond the basics, providing comprehensive services tailored to your lawn’s unique needs. 

With Seasons 360, your yard will go from winter leftovers to a beautiful spring retreat, making sure your place stays a happy and enjoyable space all year round. 

Experience a fresh start today!

Choose the Plan that Suits Your Needs Best!

Whether you're looking for a quick refresh, an extra boost, or a complete transformation, our Spring Yard Clean up 2024 packages have you covered.

Spring Cleanup

$ 200 Starting From
  • Power Rake (Dethatching)
  • Seasons First Cut and Trim
  • Blowing out Shrub Beds
  • Bagging Debris

Spring Cleanup

$ 230 Starting From
  • Power Rake (Dethatching)
  • Seasons First Cut
  • Trimming
  • Blowing out Shrub Beds
  • Bagging Debris
  • Power Edging

Spring Cleanup

$ 280 Starting From
  • Power Rake (Dethatching)
  • Seasons First Cut and Trim
  • Blowing out Shrub Beds
  • Bagging Debris
  • Power Edging
  • Deep Core Aeration
  • Spring Fertilizer

Benefits of Choosing Seasons360 for Spring Yard Cleanup


Expertise and Experience

When you choose Seasons 360, you’re opting for a team with unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of success. From enhancing garden beds to redefining lawn borders, our experience speaks for itself, guaranteeing exceptional results that stand the test of time.

Reliability and Convenience

We understand the importance of reliability, and that’s why punctuality is a cornerstone of our service commitment. We value your time and provide various scheduling options, making lawn care in the spring and summer seasons convenient for you.

Competitive Pricing

Transparency is key when it comes to our pricing. We believe in upfront honesty and guarantee no hidden fees for our spring lawn cleanup services. Our competitive pricing model ensures that you know exactly what you’re paying for, giving you peace of mind.  

Customer Service

Experience the dedication of our customer service team – responsive, friendly, and committed to delivering swift and quality property status reports. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take pride in building lasting relationships with our valued customers.

What to Expect from Seasons 360?

With our Edmonton Spring Clean up Services, depending on the package you select, you can expect:

  • Collection and Removal of Debris, Leaves and Branches

Say goodbye to winter’s mess! Our expert team handles the seamless collection and removal of debris, leaves, and branches, leaving your space ready for a seasonal transformation.

  • Power Edging

Step into precision! With Power Edging, we craft sharp borders, giving your lawn a polished and tailored appearance.

  • Power Raking and Deep Core Aeration

Give your lawn a breath of fresh air! Our dynamic duo, Power Raking, and Deep Core Aeration work together to enhance soil health and promote lush growth. 

  • Cultivation of Planting Beds

Set the scene for a blooming paradise! Our cultivation service nurtures the soil, ensuring a rich foundation for your plants to flourish and bloom.  

  • Appropriate Pruning of Trees and Shrubs

Nurturing nature’s beauty! Through skillful pruning, we shape your trees and shrubs for a picture-perfect and well-maintained garden. 

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What Services Can I Expect to Receive with the Spring Cleanup Packages? 

Our packages encompass a variety of services, including the meticulous collection and removal of debris, leaves, and branches, precision Power Edging, revitalizing Power Raking, deep Core Aeration, cultivation of planting beds, and appropriate pruning of trees and shrubs.

How do I Choose the Right Spring Cleanup Package for my Property?

The selection of the most suitable package depends on your particular requirements and the dimensions of your outdoor area. Our team is here to assist you in navigating the choices, ensuring you pick a package that aligns with your lawn’s needs. 

Do I need to be Present During the Cleanup Process?

While your presence is not mandatory, we welcome any specific instructions or preferences you may have. If you’re unable to be present, we can coordinate the cleanup based on your pre-discussed preferences.

How can I book Seasons 360’s Spring Cleanup Services?

Booking is easy! You can contact us through our website, call our customer service line, or send us an email. Our team will help you pick the right package and schedule the cleanup at your convenience.

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