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Dethatching & Power Raking Services in Edmonton.

Our popular Lawn Dethatching & Power Raking Services is beneficial in most lawns in Edmonton. Thatch is a layer of dry grass clippings, dead roots, and other materials – that builds up over the summer between the grass roots and blades.

Thatch build up on your lawn can choke exiting live grass blades, and prevent new ones from sprouting. Quite important to get this thatch away from your lawn, in a process called Lawn Dethatching, which is best done first thing early spring, right before the lawn begins its vigorous Spring growth.

In a nutshell, de-thatching services (also known as “power raking services”) is the process of mechanically removing excess thatch and/or moss from the base of your lawn.

Lawn Dethatching Services
Power Raking Services

Why Power Raking or Dethatching?

  • Thatch is a layer of dead roots and grass clippings that create a breeding ground for many destructive turf insects.
  • When we reduce the thatch levels, we reduce the breeding areas for insects.
  • A half-inch or more of thatch blocks out light, air, water & fertilizers from reaching the root zone.
  • Water & fertilizers are wasted when they don’t reach the roots.
  • Thatch can suffocate your lawn, therefore preventing important oxygen from reaching the roots.
  • Thatch levels always get worse over time.

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