Power Raking

Our popular lawn dethatching, and power raking services are beneficial to most lawns in Edmonton and its surrounding areas.

Seasons 360's Dethatching and Power Raking Services in Edmonton

Thatch build up on your lawn can choke exiting live grass blades, and prevent new ones from sprouting. Quite important to get this thatch away from your lawn, in a process called Lawn Dethatching, which is best done first thing early spring, right before the lawn begins its vigorous Spring growth.
In a nutshell, de-thatching services (also known as “power raking services”) is the process of mechanically removing excess thatch and/or moss from the base of your lawn.

Why do Lawns Need Dethatching and Power Raking?

Thatch is a layer of dried-up grass, dead roots and other substances
that builds up over the summer between the grass roots and blades.
Thatch build-up can suffocate the existing grass on your lawn and also
prevent new grass from sprouting by preventing sunlight, air, water
and fertilizers from reaching the root zone. Additionally, thatch
layers are a breeding ground for harmful lawn insects. Removing this
thatch layer using a process called “Dethatching” (also known as Power
Raking) in the early spring season is essential to ensure a bountiful
spring growth.

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